About Us

Combining cutting edge technology with contemporary fashion, we reintroduces the sophistication of fine wood carving for a new era of discerning consumers.

We seeks motivated partners who share a commitment for social responsibility and ethical business standards. Our objective is to work individually with each investor, providing personalized attention throughout the negotiation and production process.

The mass production of wood-based objects remains an untapped and limitless resource that we are eager to coorporate with motivated investors. Besides eyeglass frames, our technology can be modified to produce a range of accessories, including wooden fuselages, mobile phones, and wristwatches. Prospective investors can make an appointment to discuss further opportunities.

Our Mission

WOODEYEWEAR-HK has established a new standard in profes sional woodcraft, reimagining the art of woodwork and carving and introducing it to the marketplace. Using the best and latest technology, we work toward bringing the most meticulously designed and fashionable wooden products to our customers.

As a new woodcraft production company, our objectives are clear. We strive toward maintaining healthy and stable business relationships, relying on open communication and negotiation with our clients in all decisions and pricing to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. The market for wooden products is promising; we hope that this informational pamphlet will expose potential investors to the lucrative investment possibilities of wooden craft and art products, helping us to increase the scale of our production and seize new business opportunities.

Wood has provided the world with countless possibilities. Thanks to our mastery of woodworking technology, we can provide our clients with a wide range of products, from the wooden eyeglasses shown here to cases for mobile phones and portable computers, wooden watches and accessories, and much more.